The Scriptorium, Ltd.

Custom Calligraphy & Design

The potentials for Calligraphic Design are literally limitless. Here are but a very small sampling of some of these potentials rendered for some of our Patrons.

As you may see, the ‘typefaces,’ ‘fonts’ or ‘hands’ are often tailored to the image inferred from the message to be portrayed.

Calligraphers, Illuminators, & Scribes, Ltd.

Brentwood Associates

You are invited ...


One of the lesser maps we have rendered.
Some involve quite intricate copies of old Patent maps.

Tabletop Tent

Designed as a tabletop fold ‘tent’ over for a restaurant presentation

Place Setting

This is but one of a limitless potential for a place card rendering. There are numerous stock or custom place cards available for this purpose.

Bottle Label

Custom Wine or Champagne labels … personal or otherwise, are always a nice touch.

A Logo

The owner of this company worked with converting chemicals to
safer usage in Mexico.

Anniversary Card

A Business Card

For a bit of Class in Interior Design… or for a very successful restaurant, with great food.

Another Business Card

… or for a very successful restaurant, with great food.

Illuminated Capitals

Illuminated Capitals have long given a special touch to calligraphic works. There are a limitless variety of them available … below being but a sample of one. The pattern within the capital letter is known as ‘diapering,’ of which there is also a limitless variety.


Two other samples of ‘diapering’ from ca 1300-1310 A.D.

A Citation

In consonance with Uncial Capitals, the below is ‘black & white’ copy of a Citation that was rendered by The Scriptorium for presentation to the C.E.O. of the N.B.C. television network.

A Resolution

Sometimes I get to ‘play’ and let some of the creative stuff flow a bit. Here you see a partial black & white copy of a Resolution enhanced with bordering and line-drawings.

A Menu

A small section one of many possibilities for two restaurant menus or wine lists.

Another Menu

Logo Study

A study of a logo for a well known fish hook company that went into the manufacture of saw blades.


All work and no play? It was a fine day to get out and do a scoreboard for an NCAA golf championship … the pay was sorta small, but the year’s membership at the golf course was great.

Hotel Logo

Another logo study was for a Scandinavian hotel, incorporating their (red) national flag into the logo.

Mat Board Inscriptions

Over the years I’ve done quite a few and varied mat board inscriptions for civic groups, fire departments, family portraits, collectors, etc..


There is a vast potential for Monograms of every size and description.

Poems, Verses and Quotes

Poems, Verses, and Quotes may be rendered in limitless styles and formats.

Illuminated Capitals and Borders

Many of our Patrons wish to have some of the traditional work of illuminated capitals and borders for Resolutions, Testimonials, Memorials, Doctoral or Emeriti Citations, or just for a fine touch to accompany nearly any text.

Illuminated Capitals and Borders

Illuminated Capitals and Borders

Foreign Language text? Yes, we’ve done some of them too…

More of Poems, Verses & Quotes

This one for a whimsical placemat.

Awards, Certificates, Diplomas

We either design them from scratch or insert information as needed…

Awards, Certificates, Diplomas

… from ‘simple’ styles to the more elaborate.

The below logo is one that a graphic designer just sort of can’t resist. The company name, as you can see is “Omega 4.” What’s a body to do? So I linked four Omegas together, as you can see.

The client loved it.

A Short Story ...

I’ve been to many banquets and meetings where the place cards are left on the tables after the event. At one banquet, where advanced planning had obviously not been done, I noticed the moderator scrawling the names of the head table on the paper table cloth — really!

At another banquet, where I had done the place cards, I noticed the people on the dais tucking them into their suit coat pockets, or the wives into their purses. To my surprise, they all took them home with them. It only takes just a little bit of extra attention to add a little luster to a banquet or party or meeting.

Bold & Simple

Sometimes the situation calls for a more bold, simple approach for a sign, or logo, or book cover or the like…

Family Trees

These may be done as simple or elaborate as you wish: in color or black & white; in tabular, boxed or ‘tree’ formats; for the immediate family or for a long line of ancestors.

Wedding Programs

Brides-to-be have enjoyed our Wedding Programs, as sheets, folders, or scrolls. This sample is printed on a soft, warm, deckled-edge, watermarked ivory stock; 10” x 16¼“ and is then rolled and tied with satin ribbon.

I remember the fun we had for my niece’s wedding in Virginia, the morning of her wedding,
sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, rolling programs and tying ribbons.

Detail & Patience

… or sometimes a lot of detail and patience are requested.

©2008 The Scriptorium, Ltd., by Gary L. Heinmiller of Liverpool & Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York