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OVER THE YEARS I have discovered, when trying to revisit a ‘favorite’ article or page that I have encountered a ‘dead link.’ Sometimes, if you go to and search for an item, it may be available in ‘ Cached ‘ format, which you will see, if it is cached, at the end of the Google listing, in blue and underlined. Some of these pages I have saved for personal reference as .pdf or MS Word.doc files against the day when they may no longer be available on the web, but in the meanwhile I make every effort to honor the hard work of the webmasters and their contributors by not reposting their material while it is still available, oftentimes on multiple websites. Pragmatically, however, websites have to be paid for and eventually your favorite one could vanish into the mists of Time.

Many of these web pages have rare or hard to find works available, and some very fine graphics on their pages. Time does not permit me to index the below listed resources, but you may review the offerings below or with the ‘find’ feature of your browser, you may locate a subject, author or title of your interest. If you have a favorite resource that is not listed here, please feel free to share it; or if you have some thoughts on the materials presented, by all means feel free to write a paper on it and consider making it available for others. If you have a question, please consider that very often it is the Questions that drive us onward in our Journey of Life, and help us to search within for the answers. We may encounter countless ‘facts’ [an ‘f-word’ word that should be used very sparingly], but often times a ‘fact’ will generate more questions than answers, at least if we don’t just accept ‘facts’ as ‘Truth.’ History or ‘herstory’ is being re-discovered and re-written all the time.

Sample Fact: 60 degrees = 72 degrees.

Believe it or not this is ‘True’ under a very special circumstance. Those who would like to know ‘how’ this is a ‘fact’ now have a question in their ‘mind,’ as I did when I first encountered it many years ago.

– Gary L. Heinmiller