Guess time flies when you’re having fun.

I don’t know how many times I’ve visited a website and they haven’t updated them in ages, and have a bunch of stale stuff on ‘em.

I’m happy to report that OMDHS has been quite busy the past few years and have posted over 6,500 pages of compilations on its History pages [and considerably more to the OMDHS hard drive]. If you look in the upper left corner of this page you may see the “Newest Uploads” listed.

Data Backup

I don’t normally do this in venue of this nature, but I shall digress here for a moment an tell a short tale.

When I was buck-tailed Second Louie in the Army by first assignment out of Officer’s Basic was in Santo Domingo. Talk about a learning curve! It was Great!

I was assigned to a J-Staff [Joint Staff], no less, a one my first jobs was to set a Publications account so that the J-Staff could have an ongoing supply of Forms and Publications. Gee whiz . . .where to begin . . .

In [relatively] short order I opened an account and had a really tidy and complete publications and forms storeroom set up.

The J-Staff did such a fine job that we were out of Santo Domingo in about year and a half.

Near the tail end of our deployment the Inspector General came into my office one day and appointed me to his staff as his Records Management Officer, which meant I got the lovely job of organizing, accounting for insuring the collecting and transportation of all records of all of the units on the island and getting ‘em safely off of the island to a records repository in the States. Obviously another giant learning curve, but it too was Great! Not all that hard, but great learning experience. I had a neat machine gun escort, records all neatly palletized, to an awaiting C-130 and away we went.

These were the days of 3×5 cards, file folders and tons of paper, which we still have, but now enter the computer age.

The Library and Archives of the OMDHS still has books, magazines and papers, but we now also have a considerable archive of electronic archives.

In the early days of computers, the luxury of a hard drive was not in the general domain, so ‘stuff’ was stored punch cards, punch tape, magnetic tape or floppy disks. Backup was an exciting exercise of trying to keep up and organized backup of you files, awaiting the inevitable need for retrieval or the ugly specter of a systems upgrade or computer crash.

Enter the new technology. I was at may local Best Buy a few months ago, I they had the neatest little thing of a portable hard drive at less than $50. I’m sure there are several varieties of such devices, but one I purchased is called “My Passport Essential;” you may view its specifics at

It’s about the size of a cell phone and the one thing that I have long been awaiting. I AUTOMATICALLY BACKS UP my data files each and every time I create or update a data file. It’s portable, searchable, and silently and reassuringly sits there with all of my data safely saved at all times.

Part of reason to the telling of this short tale is that Freemasonry is most often described as system. It is great to be able to preserve some of this system to conveniently in the new electronic age. If one were to look at this Masonic System, and its ‘Basis’ . . . Geometry, one would soon discover the Logo of the OMDHS, as I did.

OMDHS Logo – the Sun, Moon and Stars

The ‘Star of David’ and ‘Kings Solomon’s Seal’

In the Army the learning curve I experienced taught me a considerable amount about ‘systems’ in general, which was extended even more in the following years. It is quite interesting how sometimes a system is a system . . . from the micro to the macro, sort of ‘all for one and one for all.’ From the quantum level to the universal level, multidimensional and timeless in its implications and realities, the basis of which is the same as our time-honored institution . . . . Geometry . . .

In the above logo may be found all sound, color, DNA, the Platonic Solids, atomic structure, time [now], space [here], art, science, music, religion, history, the past & future, and of course, the SS of KST.

Craft Masonry in New York Series

What began as Craft Masonry in Onondaga County [3 parts] in Apr 2007, has rather mushroomed into the Craft Masonry Series for all of the counties in the State of New York, which may been seen on the History Pages of this present website. Each of these counties is compiled in 8 point type [you can edit it and change the type to any size you want, or view at 150%]. Each county gathers together what could reasonably compiled from mostly internet sources, though I do have a very fine collection of other materials on hand in our OMDHS Library.

For this present compiler, the possibility to expanding this project by a significantly extended visit to The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Library of Grand Lodge in Manhattan is nearly completely out of the question owing to travel, hotel, meal &c considerations, though their Director, R.’.W.’. Tom Savini has been very helpful on most occasions when I have requested specific information.

Happily Google Books and have in the past few years greatly expanded their offerings on their respective websites, wherein I have found a treasure trove of Proceedings, Histories, General and Autobiographies of significant Masonic interest.

A listing of some of these writings and compilations may be found below at the bottom of this present page. The blue links are posted on the History Pages of the OMDHS website.

Lodge List of the Lodges of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York: 1759 to Present

This project, begun 2007 has been ongoing to the present time [Oct 2011]

It is a database of every known Lodge ever having existed in the Provincial Grand Lodge and the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, to include the schismatic Grand Lodges there to. As noted, it is an ongoing project, but at present encompasses over 2000 lines entries of Lodges in over 80 pages of data.

In the Masonic Hall of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York the records equivalent to this listing are recorded in Lodge Registers, the current Volume of which number was  234 in 2008. In the Grand Lodge Library there is a card file, also containing much of, and most likely more than, that which is compiled in the Lodge Listed compiled the present writer. Theirs is not openly or readily accessible to those seeking such information and electronically searchable; mine is. For each Lodge listed on this listing I have endeavored, with some obvious exceptions due to lack of data, include each Lodge in the appropriate compilation for the county in which the Lodge existed, the Craft Masonry Series noted above and below


Craft Masonry Series


Masonic Writings and Compilations

The blue links are posted on the History or Geometry Pages of the OMDHS website


Masonic Geometry, Parts I-IV        2002

Masonic Geometry Part I                 A View of Contemplative Geometry in Freemasonry

Masonic Geometry Part II                 Preston’s ‘Masonic’ Geometry

Masonic Geometry Part III                Fra Luca Pacioli, Leonardo DaVinci and Others . . .

Masonic Geometry Part IV                From a Point to a Line to a Superfices to a Solid

Masonic Geometry Part V                 Receptions of a Mason

Grand Masters of England              128 pages                              2006

Grand Masters of Scotland             44 pages                                 2006

Grand Masters of Ireland                 37 pages                                2006

Grand Masters of New York,           350 pages                              2007

Other Grand Lodge Offices of New York     70 pages                  2007

                                              Total       629 pages

Craft Masonry in Onondaga County – Parts I, II and III                 2007

                Craft Masonry in Onondaga County 1799-1826

                Craft Masonry in Onondaga County, Part II, 1826-ca 2001

                Craft Masonry in Onondaga County, Part III. 2002 to Present

Craft Masonry in Oswego County                                                    2007

33rd Degree Masons, Valley of Syracuse          180 pages                              2008

Civil War Masons in the State of New York        765 pages                              2008        5 Volumes

Volume I           Preface

                           Table of Contents

                           Alphabetical Listing of Freemasons of New York State in the Civil War

                           Report of Grand Historian Ross – 1890

                           A-B  Biographical Sketches; 122 pages

Volume II          C-G Biographical Sketches; 117 pages

Volume III         H-Q Biographical Sketches; 118 pages

Volume IV         R-V Biographical Sketches; 146 pages

Volume V          W-Z Biographical Sketches and Appendices; 262 pages

     Lodge Name Listing of Freemasons of New York State in the Civil War

     Lodge Number Listing of Freemasons of New York State in the Civil War

     Lodge Number Listing and Recap in this present work

     Full Lodge Listing and Masonic Districts – 1899

Other writings and compilations at website: :

 Masonic History pages

World History

The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Deluge of ‘Noah’

Early American History

Early Masonic Lodges in Northern New York State

Freemasonry in the Old Northwest Territory

Civil War Masons in the State of New York        765 pages                              2008        5 Volumes

Freemasons of NY in the Civil War – Vol. I of V

Freemasons of NY in the Civil War – Vol. II of V

Freemasons of NY in the Civil War – Vol. III of V

Freemasons of NY in the Civil War – Vol. IV of V [R-V]

Freemasons of NY in the Civil War – Vol. V of V

Freemasons of NY in the Revolutionary War                                                    Mar/Apr 2008          293 pages

Lincoln ‘Masonic Bookends’

Loyalist Freemasons of New York State

New York Freemasons in the War of 1812                                                       Aug/Sep 2010         79 pages

Shortest and Tallest Freemasons

Onondaga Masonic District History

Craft Masonry in Onondaga County 1799-1826                                              Apr 2007   169 pages

Craft Masonry in Onondaga County, Part II, 1826-ca 2001                           May 2007   128 pages

Craft Masonry in Onondaga County, Part III, Active Lodges as of 2007      May 2007     60 pages

Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No. 501 History

Local History

Liverpool Telegraph

Prospect Hill and Richard Husted Parker

District History

Bro. T. Walker Gaggin, Architect of Syracuse Masonic Temple

Bros. Gardner, Redfield, Longstreet, Teall and Tyler Families

Colonel Henry A. Barnum

Craft Masonry in Oswego County, New York

District Deputies of the Onondaga District

Ensign Robert Wilson at Yorktown

Freemasons in the Ancestry of L. Frank Baum

Illustrious Bro. Orrin Welch and Commodores Perry


Other Lodge Histories

A Nostalgic View of Three Southern Tier New York Lodges

Craft Masonry in Albany County, New York                                                                    Feb 2010  55 pages

Craft Masonry in Allegany County, New York                                                                 Jun 2010   38 pages

Craft Masonry in Broome and Chenango Counties, New York                                 Jun 2010    52 pages

Craft Masonry in Cattaraugus County, New York                                                         Jun 2010    69 pages

Craft Masonry in Cayuga and Tompkins Counties, New York                                   Apr 2010    117 pages

Craft Masonry in Chautauqua County, New York                                                         Jan 2010    43 pages

Craft Masonry in Chemung, Schuyler and Tioga Counties, New York                     May 2010   78 pages

Craft Masonry in Clinton and Essex Counties                                                              Jan 2010    128 pages

Craft Masonry in Columbia County, New York                                                              Jul 2010      54 pages

Craft Masonry in Cortland and Madison Counties, New York                                    Apr 2010     47 pages

Craft Masonry in Delaware County, New York                                                               Mar 2010    66 pages

Craft Masonry in Dutchess County, New York                                                               Mar 2010    28 pages

Craft Masonry in Erie County, New York                                                                         Nov 2009    168 pages

Craft Masonry in Franklin and Hamilton Counties, New York                                    Oct 2010     33 pages

Craft Masonry in Fulton and Montgomery Counties, New York                                  Apr 2010     53 pages

Craft Masonry in Genesee and Wyoming Counties, New York                                  Feb 2010    59 pages

Craft Masonry in Greene and Ulster Counties, New York                                           Mar 2010     43 pages

Craft Masonry in Herkimer County, New York                                                                Mar 2010    114 pages

Craft Masonry in Kings County, New                                                                               Jun 2011     217 pages

Craft Masonry in Livingston County, New York                                                              Apr 2010 31 pages

Craft Masonry in Manhattan [approx 350 Lodges]

      Vol I                                                 Jul 2011     327 pages

      Vol II       Nos. 202 thru 287        Jul 2011     150 pages

      Vol III      Nos. 304 thru 449        Jul/Sep 2011  102 pages +

      Vol IV      Nos. 512 thru 698        Jul/Sep 2011   123 pages

      Vol V       Nos. 704 thru 897        Sep 2011    24 pages ++

      Vol VI

Craft Masonry in Niagara & Orleans Counties, New York                                          Jan 2010 41 pages

Craft Masonry in Nassau County, New York                                                                 Jun 2011 39 pages

Craft Masonry in Oneida County, New York                                                                   Mar 2010 109 pages

Craft Masonry in Onondaga County

                Part I       1799-1826          Apr 2007    74 pages

                Part II      1826-2001          May 2007   101 pages

                Part III     Active Lodges as of 2007     May 2007    59 pages

Craft Masonry in Ontario, Seneca and Yates Counties, New York                            Feb 2010 87 pages

Craft Masonry in Orange and Rockland Counties, New York                                    Sep 2010  89 pages

Craft Masonry in Otsego and Schoharie Counties, New York                                   Mar 2010  80 pages

Craft Masonry in Rensselaer and Schenectady Counties, New York                      Apr 2010   58 pages

Craft Masonry in Saratoga County, New York                                                               May 2010  32 pages

Craft Masonry in St. Lawrence County, New York                                                        Oct 2010   84 pages

Craft Masonry in Steuben County                                                                                    Nov 2010 133 pages

Craft Masonry in Suffolk County, New York                                                                    May 2010  33 pages

Craft Masonry in Sullivan County, New York                                                                  May 2010  93 pages

Craft Masonry in Washington County, New York                                                           Mar 2010 178 pages

Craft Masonry in Wayne County, New York                                                                     Feb 2010 21 pages

Craft Masonry in Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York                               May 2010  156 pages

Freemasonry in Jefferson County, New York                                                                Jun 2008    61 pages

                                                                                     Masonic Districts Page Total       3,863 pages +

Freemasonry in the New York Third Masonic District         1900                                166 pages

Freemasons Patent – Herkimer Co., NY                                                                          Feb 2009    7 pages

Grand Lodge of New York – Lodge List 1759-Present                                                  2007-2011  66 pages

Grand Lodge of New York – other Grand Line Biographies                                         Dec 2008     76 pages

Lodge Nos. 1 – 23                 (1902 Grand Lodge Proceedings – 45 pages)

Lodge Nos. 26 – 44               (1903 Grand Lodge Proceedings – 25 pages)

Lodge Nos. 45 – 79               (1904 Grand Lodge Proceedings – 58 pages)

Lodge Nos. 82 – 110             (1905 Grand Lodge Proceedings – 58 pages)

Lodge Nos. 98 – 126             (1906 Grand Lodge Proceedings – 48 pages)

Lodge Nos. 127 – 147            (1907 Grand Lodge Proceedings – 39 pages)

Lodge Nos. 148 -173             (1908 GL Proceedings – 53 pages)

Lodge Nos. 231 – 275            (1911 GL Proceedings – 52 pages)

Lodge Nos. 263 – 294            (1912 GL Proceedings – 72 pages)

Lodge Histories,                    1913 Proceedings  295-329 – 79 pages

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Total       529 pages

Michigan Lodges warranted by New York State 2

Michigan Territory Lodge warranted by the GL of the State of New York                       Jul 2009  138 pages

New Oswegatchie Lodge No. 7                                                                                            Aug 2009   23 pages

Sea & Field Lodges and the American Masonic Overseas Mission

Table of Contents and Notes (20 pages)


Grand Masters History

Biographical Sketches of Grand Masters in the State of New York

Grand Masters of the United Grand Lodge of England

Grand Masters of Ireland

Grand Masters of Scotland (large file – 155 pages)

Other New York Grand Lodge Officers

Richard Harison – DGM – Paper – 14 pages

Richard Harison -DGM – Notes and References – 99 pages

George IVs Visit to Holyrood

Grand Masters at the Battle of Culloden

Grand Masters of Grosvenor Square

John Murray, 4th Earl of Dumore – British governor of the Province of New York (1770-71) and the Virginia Colony, from 25 Sep 1771 through the start of the Revolutionary War

Joseph Enos, Jr., Grand Master 1822-24